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My name is Corey Mazinke

Shortly after graduating from Engineering at the University of Manitoba in 2019, I sustained a life-changing C5 Spinal cord injury after a diving accident. Once the initial shock had settled, I embraced the opportunity to redefine my path. With a deep understanding of mechanical systems and a newfound passion for CAD designing, using a variety of accessibility aids on a computer, I discovered a way to express my creativity and bring my ideas to life.

Using 3D printing and the knowledge of several key manufacturing techniques, I began designing products that not only improved my own life but also had the potential to transform the lives of others facing similar challenges. At C5 Mobility, our mission is to offer innovative accessibility solutions that empower individuals to regain their independence and live life to the fullest.

Join me on this journey as we break barriers, redefine possibilities, and create a more inclusive world. Together, let's unlock the potential of mobility and make a lasting impact on the lives of people with spinal cord injuries and beyond.

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The journey began back when I was at a rehabilitation center recovering from my injury. Spinal cord injuries vary significantly with each individual but due to my level of paralysis, most of the initial work in therapy was trying to figure out how to hold and handle various items used for daily living. Items like eating utensils, a toothbrush and TV remotes were extremely difficult to use effectively because of the lack of function in my hands and wrists. This is when I was first introduced to the world of assistive technology and mobility devices. I tried all sorts of different aids and gadgets to help complete the tasks that I once took for granted. I noticed that most of these devices were created from the imagination of individual therapists and there were not many active companies innovating in this space.


After I returned home from my extended stay at the hospital I had to relearn how I would fit in with the real world. There were no more healthcare professionals to guide me and I realized there was so much more I needed to learn and adapt to. Through all this, I could not shake the feeling that there should be better adaptive devices and mobility products available to use as a high-level quadriplegic. My perception was that the mainstream medical products industry was outdated and overpriced and decided to take action one small improvement at a time. With a creative mindset and knowledge for engineering I decided to use my computer aided design skill to bring conceptual ideas into real life products using 3D printing.


It started with super simple 3D printed products such as a beer can saddle that allowed me to loop my thumb in a handle and enjoy a drink independently. Next was a lever mechanism that helped me actuate the buttons on the platform lift into my house. After that was a simple handle that slid onto a plastic cup that allowed me to drink and refill my own water cup. I also made a fence gate latch, several iterations of wheelchair cupholders, adaptive pill containers, and the list goes on.


These initial hobby projects gave me great pleasure and excitement, so naturally, we took it to the next level. With the help of a supportive family, some awesome friends and an amazing girlfriend we took on some larger projects. We built things like a hydraulically actuated lift that enabled me to access my parents’ pool. We designed a secondary powered frame that raises and lowers my bed to assist in transfers to and from my wheelchair. Most recently we installed a custom made from scratch elevator in my house. We have a few on-the-go projects like a full suspension electric trike with specific seating and hand controls allowing a quadriplegic to operate it independently. Another one is a bolt on seating kit allowing someone with no core control to safely and comfortably ride in a golf cart. 


Somewhere along the way C5 Mobility was born. Two key friends, Jamie and Travis, along with my girlfriend, Hali, shared my passion and vision to design and manufacture products that improve the lives of people with mobility impairments. Ideas that are fresh and in most cases do not exist on the market today. Together, we chose a few of our products that we can efficiently manufacture and offered them for sale here on our website. Our future goals are to offer many more products for sale. However, we are starting small to make the venture feasible. 


Thank you for your support!

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