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The Beach Explorer is a premium rigid wheelchair designed for the soft loose sand found on beaches. It also rolls equally well on grass, gravel, snow and other unpredictable terrains. The ultra low pressure balloon wheels float over the ground as opposed to traditional wheelchair wheels that dig trenches as you push. The Beach Explorer provides people with mobility issues a chance to enjoy the sandy shores again.


The frame is constructed of marine grade stainless steel tubing that is professionally welded. The ultra low pressure balloon wheels are made from polyurethane with integrated all weather acetal bearings. The seating fabric is UV and water resistant as well as bacteriostatic. Designed with the fewest amount of moving parts for maximum reliability while exposed to the elements. The Beach Explorer will provide accessible memories for many years to come.


We firmly believe in promoting accessibility and inclusivity. The Beach Explorer is available for consumer purchase and we also strongly advocate for the availability of the Beach Explorer at beaches across Canada, free of charge, available to people in need. Our aim is to partner with provinces, municipalities and independent beach establishments to make this mobility solution widespread, ensuring that everyone can embrace the joys of the beach without limitations.


Beach Explorer

SKU: 0002
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