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These sleek pucks slide onto a standard manual wheelchair armrest and fasten with a hidden screw through the tubing. The purpose of the pucks is to assist users who have limited mobility in independently changing their sitting position. Oftentimes when leaning forward or sideways, your arm or hand can slip off the armrest, leaving you in a vulnerable position, potentially unable to return upright. The Puck Grips protrude around the end of the armrest creating several different support points to anchor your hand or arm securely.


Depending on the level of mobility some individuals will have the balance and upper body strength to not benefit from Puck Grips and likely may not use armrests. However, for those that do benefit, leaning forward to shift your weight and picking things up off the floor will become far safer and easier. A simple solution to gain a bit more independence.

Puck Grips

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